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2008 Volvo XC70

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2008 Volvo XC70
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So here I thought last week’s car had lots of toys and gizmos — the Cadillac CTS certainly did have a lot, but the new Volvo XC70 is trying to outdo it this week with safety features and toys to keep this techno-geek amused.

The 2008 XC70’s starting price ($46,495) is $1,000 lower than the 2007 model’s but the price quickly rises with the features and packages stuffed into my test vehicle. Replacing the turbo-charged inline five-cylinder engine that powered the XC70 in the previous generation is an inline-6 cylinder engine that produces the same amount of torque (236lb-ft) but 27 more horsepower (235hp) — unfortunately, according to Volvo’s specifications, it drinks considerably more fuel as well.

2008 Volvo XC70
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I reviewed the previous generation XC70 way back when I began this gig, looking back at those photos it is obvious the new XC70 is an evolutionary design, not straying too far on the exterior, but certainly elevating the interior look to a whole new level.

With the features present in this XC70 it is getting to the point where a self-driving car is almost one of the options — won’t be long before it is offered, it seems. Added to the base model XC70 on my tester are: the premium package, the luxury package and the convenience package.

As separate options, my tester is equipped with: sunroof, premium sound system, adaptive cruise control and collision warning system, blind spot information system and personal car communicator, plus seashell exterior paint; all this tops the price out to a nice round $62,260.

My initial impressions of this new XC70 are good, with an updated interior that screams luxury and comfort and a similar compliant and controlled driving feel that blurs the lines between SUV and luxury sedan. I’m a huge fan of the wagon body layout and the cargo area is cavernous in the XC70.

Maybe I’ll do some power Christmas shopping and fill up the back of this vehicle. I certainly could have used it last weekend for transporting goods — part of me wants to try to fill it, the other part of me (my credit card) is screaming for mercy.

2008 Volvo XC70
MSRP as tested inc. destination & delivery: $62,260

For more information on Volvo and the XC70 visit Volvo Canada

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