By James Bergeron

Day 1:

2007 VW Passat Wagon 3.6L 4Motion
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First, I’ll apologize for the dirty pictures of this lovely Passat Wagon. We decided that with the temperature at -27.5 Celsius — according to the dash display on the Passat — it would be a rather unwise decision to wash the car and then have all the doors instantly freeze shut. So it’s dirty, but it certainly doesn’t affect the way it drives and even with the salt and slush on the vehicle, I think it looks most excellent.

I’ve got a great story about this Passat Wagon. I picked it up from the esteemed Paul Williams Tuesday night and headed off. Then, out of sheer curiosity I decided I would push the button on the console that read “Auto Hold,” figuring it was similar to a hill start assist. Well it seems I was correct, and then the fun began.

2007 VW Passat Wagon 3.6L 4Motion
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I tried to pull away and the parking brake was turned on. The computer read-out said “Release parking brake manually.” Well, you see, there is no conventional “parking brake” in the Passat. It’s dark, I had just picked up the car, and honestly had no idea how to release this lock.

So there I am, in a $52,000 vehicle sitting there like a dork with no way to move the car. A quick search around the vehicle in the typical parking brake locations didn’t help. Grab the manual! Great: it’s in French… comment-on dit “Parking Brake” en francais?

So on the phone to Paul, and he reveals that there is a button on the left hand side of the dash beside the steering wheel. Interesting; lesson learned.

I hope to have fun this week learning the fine art of German engineering. So far I am impressed by many aspects of the Passat Wagon. The 3.6L engine produces 280hp, which is more than enough to get this vehicle moving quickly, and the interior is fully loaded for that luxurious feel. Options on top of the standard features on the 4Motion include Bi-Xenon Headlights with Adaptive Front-Light System and the Sport Leather Package.

2007 VW Passat Wagon 3.6L 4Motion
MSRP as tested: $52,825

For more information on VW and the Passat Wagon visit VW Canada

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