By James Bergeron
Day 1:

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
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As I pulled into my driveway this afternoon my 3 year old neighbour came running down the driveway yelling “Cool Car!”. He wanted to sit in it and “drive” and couldn’t stop talking about it. The Toyota FJ Cruiser really is a love it or hate it type of vehicle with styling based on the 1960 Toyota FJ 40 Land Cruiser, Toyota has recently released this new FJ Cruiser, as an affordable truly off-road capable vehicle.

The original FJ was seen as an indestructible go anywhere off-road machine and this new version is not as watered down as you may expect in today’s society of high priced luxury SUVs. Base price for this machine is $29,990 with factory options of an automatic transmission ($1000) and the “B” Package ($3,450) it is pushed out to still a rather affordable $34,440. The B Package includes off-roading gadgets such as a Rear Differential Lock, Active Traction Control, Clearance and Back up Sensors as well as Cruiser Control, Power Mirrors, Rear wiper, keyless entry and a roof rack.

Over the past few months I’ve seen a few of these FJ Cruisers around Ottawa and they certainly catch your attention, especially in light blue or yellow, although the black of my tester is somewhat stealthy, it is a sparkling black not a flat black as the pictures may suggest. What I hadn’t really noticed was its size, the outside dimensions of the FJ really make it seem large, and driving the FJ provides you with that big rig feeling. But interior volume isn’t really that spectacular, in other words it looks bigger than it is.

In my opinion it certainly does look like a Tonka Toy and my 3 year old neighbour agrees, none the less I look forward to my week in this vehicle.

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
with automatic and “B” Package MSRP as tested: $34,440

For more information on Toyota and the FJ Cruiser visit Toyota Canada

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