By James Bergeron
Day 1:

2007 Subaru Legacy Spec B
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Welcome back from the holidays. I hope all my readers had a good holiday; I certainly did, but it’s time to get back to work, which means another vehicle to testdrive. I’ve been looking forward to testing this week’s vehicle, the Subaru Legacy 2.5GT spec.B. This will be an extended drive as I will be taking it with me to the Detroit auto show this coming weekend.

Many readers have already had their say on this vehicle, which Haney Louka reviewed at the end of November. The general consensus from the comments on Haney’s review was that the Spec B was way overpriced.

2007 Subaru Legacy Spec B
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My tester is priced the same as Haney’s, but with an added $500 for the XM radio option. The one saving grace for this high priced Subaru? The spec.B is fully loaded with navigation, moonroof, a great stereo and of course all-wheel drive and a ton of horsepower.

The first thing you may notice that is different in the Spec B from the standard Legacy 2.5GT are the blue inserts on the seats. The inserts are of a suede-type material and really grip the body in corners. I’ve only spent about an hour in the driver’s seat, but they seem to be more comfortable than the standard Legacy seats as well.

This is a short week but I will update my blog after my longer trip in the spec.B. I will be driving from Ottawa to Windsor and back this weekend as I head to Detroit to cover the North American International Auto Show for Autos and CarTalkCanada.

This blog will concentrate on the fuel consumption of the spec.B and its comfort quotient. As I said, so far I am enjoying the seats: we’ll see if that still holds true after 16 hours of driving. The fuel consumption according to the computer readout is slightly better than the Legacy GT wagon I had a few weeks back. It certainly will be interesting to see if the spec.B can deliver on performance while not completely maxing out my credit card at the pumps.

2007 Subaru spec.B
MSRP as tested: $45,495

For more information on Subaru and the Legacy 2.5GT spec.B visit Subaru Canada

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