NEW FOR 2011:

– Updated seats, interior colours and trim
– Drophead Coupe receives chassis and powertrain settings from the Coupe, standard exhaust outlet finishers, sport mode, new steering wheel and linear brake response

For 2011, the Rolls-Royce Phantom receives several upgrades, most of them on the Drophead Coupe convertible. All models receive updated seats, interior colours and trim. The Drophead Coupe receives new chassis and powertrain tuning, similar to that of the Coupe, for improved handling and performance. A thicker steering wheel rim enhances steering feel, and the brakes, which were previously two-stage for gentle braking feel under light pressure with a second, more aggressive stage under firmer braking, now offers direct linear response.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is available as a Coupe, Sedan, Drophead Coupe convertible, and Extended Wheelbase. All use a 6.7-1itre V12 engine with six-speed automatic transmission.

Each vehicle is built to customer specifications, with available features such as a “picnic boot” with seating platform, a choice of more than 44,000 different colours, front and rear parking cameras, multi-zone climate control, Lexicon Logic7 stereo, iPod connectivity, cashmere or leather upholstery, lambs-wool carpets, balanced wheel caps that keep the RR logo upright, and a Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament that automatically flips out of sight to prevent theft when the vehicle is parked.

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