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2008 Porsche Boxster & Boxster S

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2008 Porsche Boxster S
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Let’s do something a little different this week — the flurry of cars I have had in the past few weeks has been a little overwhelming. Immediately after the Nissan GT-R I hopped into a Porsche Boxster S for 5 days while I was “waiting” on my week with the Mazda RX-8. So to say I haven’t been slumming it for the past few weeks is quite the understatement.

This week it so happens that I am again in a Porsche, but this time the base model of the Porsche line-up the Boxster. A unique opportunity to have sampled both the Boxster and the more powerful S version within a few weeks of each of course demands something a little different — a comparison perhaps.

2008 Porsche Boxster S
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The Boxster S I was sporting just over a week ago was optioned out quite spectacularly with a total out the door price tag of $84,005 after a market adjustment of $1,450 offered by Porsche to ease the cross border shopping urge. Porsches have always been pricey when adding up the options and my S tester was no exception.

The Boxster S comes in rather well equipped with a base price of $70,200, add in Atlas Grey Metallic paint at a whopping $4,390 and the price is just starting to skyrocket.

Other options added included: 18″ Cayman S wheels ($550), Bi-Xenon Headlamps ($1,530), Heated front seats for $680, climate control for $770 and a Bose high end sound package for $1,330, other miscellaneous items add another $4,500 or so.

The standard Boxster I am testing this week comes in a very alluring red, otherwise known as “Guards Red”, starting at a base price of $58,100 this Boxster is not optioned up too much but still totals out at $65,525 including the $1,450 market adjustment. Options on the Boxster include: Automatic Climate Control, the Bose High End Sound System, Heated Front Seats (there are only front seats…), Bi-Xenon Headlamps and a few other odds and ends.

First and second impressions of the Boxsters? Well there is no denying these machines are a pleasure to drive; especially top down with the sun is shining and the wind in your face.

2008 Porsche Boxster and Boxster S
MSRP as tested (including destination): $65,525 & $84,005

For more information on Porsche and the Boxster visit Porsche Canada

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