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2009 Pontiac G8

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2009 Pontiac G8 V6
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With most vehicles these days being front-wheel drive, it is odd to have been driving all-wheel drive vehicles for a few weeks, and now one that is rear-wheel drive. The Pontiac G8 is the only rear-wheel drive Pontiac sedan available and one of the few available rear-wheel drive non-luxury cars available today.

The Pontiac G8 is GM’s second attempt at importing the Australian built Holden Monaro, the first being the Pontiac GTO, which was wasn’t allowed into Canada and only sold in the USA. It was not much of a seller despite a powerful V8 engine and bargain price — the big downfall seemed to be the interior quality.

2009 Pontiac G8 V6
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The 2009 G8 is available in Canada, however; the interior has been updated and the entire car refreshed for a more sporting and exciting feel. It is available with both a large V6 with 3.6-litres of displacement and a rubber-shredding 6.0-litre V8 engine producing 361hp.

My tester is the V6 version with the 1SC package, which includes the comfort and sound package as well as the premium package, which adds $3,270 to the base starting price of $32,450.

These two packages add items such as: a power sunroof, leather seats, power driver’s and passenger seats, heated seats, dual-zone climate control and a Blaupunkt premium 11-speaker, 230-watt sound system.

Rear-wheel drive and lots of snow — can it be done? It was years ago, before everyone conceded to a world of front-wheel drive boredom.

2009 Pontiac G8 V6
MSRP as tested (excluding destination): $37,070

For more information on Ponatic and the G8 visit GM Canada

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