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2012 Mini Cooper Coupe

Day 1

2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe
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This is what I look forward to week in week out: a driver’s car. A car which was designed to provide the driver with pure motoring fun and is capable of delivering. But then, of course, for the most part these vehicles are also daily driven, so they need to offer convenience and practicality for this duty.

This week I’m behind the wheel of the all-new 2012 Mini Cooper S coupe. The astute will note that the Mini has always been a coupe in the traditional sense of the word — a two-door vehicle.

2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe
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This Coupe though is not only a two door vehicle, but also a two-seater. So how do you make a Mini even less practical? Take out two seats!

This is the first car I’ve ever driven that comes with a built-in helmet. At least, that is what the roof looks like to me. A little odd, but it certainly is unique and one must also note the interior headliner has cut-outs for the driver and passenger to sport helmets of their own.

My tester is an S model; the coupe follows Mini’s traditional Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works packages, starting with a base price of $31,150. My coupe is equipped with a Special Launch Edition Package for $1,000 that offers black headlights, auto-dimming rear view mirror, heated front seats, rain sensors, dynamic traction control and media connect.

Also on my tester is the $500 Style Package and the $1640 Sport package which adds the all important Sport Suspension.

2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe
MSRP as tested (excluding destination): $36,380

For more information on Mini and the Coupe visit Mini Canada

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