By James Bergeron
Day 1:

2007 Mini Cooper S
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The Mini Cooper S: the epitome of small car fun, with the gusto to match. The movie the Italian Job made the Mini Cooper famous; its sports car-like handling, go kart-like feel and great looks have made it into a success. I’m sure my life is not nearly as interesting as Charlie Croker’s or Stella Bridger’s but I’ll try to put the Mini through its paces just the same.

If BMW is reading this — don’t worry, I don’t plan on jumping out of buildings or anything like that, but I may take a few corners at some mind-numbing speeds. You may also catch me squeezing through some tight spaces. You know what they say: if you’ve got it, you might as well use it.

2007 Mini Cooper S
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This new “new” Mini is now powered by a turbo-charged engine, replacing the previous generation’s super- charger and increasing the power output from 163hp to 172hp. This switch changes the power delivery slightly, providing more power lower in the rpm range.

My tester isn’t one of those loaded up wonder cars, either. Starting at a base price of $30,600, my tester only adds $2,240 to the bottom line in the form of options. The big ticket item is the Premium package ($1,600), which adds a huge glass sunroof that covers the entire top of the vehicle, heated seats and an on-board computer.

Next is the Chrome Line package ($390) which changes the side mirrors for ones with a chromed appearance and adds a few more chrome flourishes on the outside and inside — personally I would skip this one. The remaining $250 is for the white stripes on the bonnet and the white roof.

That’s it folks: for only $32,840 you could be screaming around in the exact vehicle I am testing… should be an entertaining week.

2007 Mini Cooper S
MSRP as tested: $32,840

For more information on Mini and the Cooper S visit Mini Canada

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