By James Bergeron
Day 1:

2007 Lexus IS350
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You know, I really enjoy this gig I’ve got going here, especially when I step out of something like the Acura RDX (which was a fantastic little CUV) and into something even more fantastic: the Lexus IS350. Stepping out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary is something I am getting used to and loving.

It’s unfortunate that the weather is not cooperating very much for me this week. Rain, freezing rain, chance of snow; not the best conditions to test one of the hottest luxury sports sedans on the market. Lucky for me the vehicle is equipped with some high performance snow tires and there is a call for a few days of temperatures into the teens.

2007 Lexus IS350
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If I were in the market for the IS350, the sports package would be the exact package I would purchase. A $4,800 option package, unfortunately, but the list of items that are included are, in my opinion, essential when you are looking at vehicle in this range.

I won’t list all of the items included in the sports package, but most notable are 18″ aluminium alloy wheels, moonroof, bi-xenon HID headlights with adaptive technology, sports suspension, and for the other half, a 10-way adjustable passenger seat with three memories.

At the core of the IS350, you have a 6 speed automatic transmission with sport shift paddles and an unbelievable 3.5litre V6 engine producing 306 hp and an impressive 277 lb-ft of torque. Enough power to get you past pretty much any vehicle in a blink of a eye.

This is one week where I will have to show restraint with my right foot and a week where I may be visiting the fueling station more than a few times.

2007 Lexus IS350 + Sports Package
MSRP as tested: $53,800

For more information on Lexus and the IS350 visit Lexus Canada

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