2009 Jeep Compass
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By Paul Williams

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2009 Jeep Compass Limited AWD

Ottawa, Ontario – The 2009 Jeep Compass Limited AWD impresses us as a practical vehicle with more than enough ability to manage severe winter conditions. Although it’s not a stereotypical off-road Jeep, the Compass’s all-wheel drive system and traction controls are plenty sufficient for urban duty.

The driver will find that its windshield wiper/washer system is especially good; the heater delivers after a slow start that’s made bearable by the rapid-action seat warmers; and visibility all-round is fine even though the Compass is a high-waisted car. Interior ventilation is also worth mentioning, as in severely cold temperatures the windows didn’t fog or frost up. The interior, by the way, receives a “freshening” for 2009.

Getting a grip in slippery conditions (ice, deep snow) is not an issue for the AWD Compass, which pretty much goes where you point it, no matter how poor the road surface. Starting in the morning after sitting outside in frigid conditions was no problem, either.

Of course, when you refer to the Compass as a “car,” you’re stretching things a little. The modern vernacular for this type of vehicle is “crossover,” but many people will define the Compass, by its profile alone, as a small SUV. And it delivers there, too. Occupants sit high, the Compass feels hefty and solid, and even though this Jeep isn’t “Trail-Rated,” it is able to handle poor road conditions with aplomb.

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