By James Bergeron
Day 1:

2007 Honda Element SC
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The first model year for the Honda Element was 2003 — I remember this vividly for some reason. I remember how Honda claimed having no carpets made it easier to hose out mud and grime from camping trips, and how you could sleep in it, because the seats could be stored away against the sides. I also remember my father commenting that it looked like a bread truck from the 1940s / 50s.

Personally I thought it would flop, and it did in one respect — the demographic that Honda had targeted. Honda originally stated the buyers of Elements would be in their late 20s or early 30s. These buyers would be the adventurous type that loved to go camping, biking or hiking. As it turned out, 40-somethings bought them in droves for the funky styling, utility and small engine that returned good fuel economy.

2007 Honda Element SC
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Now it is 2007 and the Element’s funkiness has worn off by now — so Honda has redesigned it. Out are the black plastic body panels (on EX and SC trim), replaced with body-coloured ones, and in is the SC, “Street Custom” version of the Element, for an even hipper urban look.

The headlights on the new Element are narrower and less boxy, giving the front a more aggressive and sporty appearance. The Element SC’s exterior styling exhibits a sophisticated performance attitude with exclusive features that include projector beam halogen headlights, custom front and rear painted bumpers, large alloy wheels, custom grill. A lowered stance is achieved by lowering the ride height and by using uniquely shaped painted side sills and slimmer roof moldings.
The SC is only available in 2WD and only the option available is an automatic transmission, which my tester is also equipped with — unfortunately.

And although I agree with my father that the old Element looked like a bread truck, I have to say this new SC version looks extremely handsome. The dark tinted rear glass, cleanly styled 18″ alloy wheels and new sharp looks give it more of an edgy feel. I Can’t wait to see how it drives.

2007 Honda Element SC
MSRP as tested: $32,605

For more information on Honda and the Element visit Honda Canada

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