By James Bergeron

Day 1:

2007 Chevrolet HHR Panel
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I believe the saying goes, “Timing is everything.” If so, the timing of me receiving the HHR to test is a little off. This would have been the perfect vehicle in a few weeks from now when I’ll be moving; as it is, unfortunately, the HHR Panel I have this week will only be used as a commuter vehicle, but I can pretend I’m doing deliveries, I suppose.

A delivery van is what this 2007 HHR Panel was meant to be, or perhaps a vehicle to haul a contractor’s tools around as well as some materials. It is small enough to be useful in the city and easy to drive, while being large enough to carry the essentials to get the job done.

2007 Chevrolet HHR Panel
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I first drove the HHR back in late 2004, if memory serves me right. I remember a few things about it, which after driving this HHR for a day now all seem wrong. I remember the HHR having a very high seating position but this one does not. I also remember the interior being rather ugly, but this new 2007 seems pretty good at first glance. Perhaps things have improved on the HHR like many other GM products.

The base model HHR starts at $19,855. My tester adds the security package ($1,195) which brings side curtain airbags and four-wheel ABS brakes; automatic transmission ($1,260) as well as the premium stereo system which adds a subwoofer, seven speakers and XM satellite radio for $1010.
The HHR Panel certainly has a unique look in the marketplace with very large sides to which any company could plaster their logo for all to see.

Having fewer windows has a few advantages, besides the obvious of keeping prying eyes away from the goods being transported. It reduces the heat inside the cabin while the car sits baking in the sun all day. Of course, this comes with the price of visibility as you can no longer rely on the shoulder check before changing lanes.

2007 Chevrolet HHR Panel
MSRP as tested: $24,415

For more information on Chevrolet and the HHR visit GM Canada

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