2009 Chevrolet Traverse
2009 Chevrolet Traverse. Click image to enlarge

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By Grant Yoxon

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2009 Chevrolet Traverse LT AWD

Ottawa, Ontario – It was a sunny, but cold day and I had just picked up my son at college – a daily ritual we have endured for over seven weeks because of a bus strike in Ottawa. We turned on to Woodroffe Avenue in Ottawa’s west end and stopped at the end of a long line of traffic waiting for the light to turn green ahead.

Traffic had only just begun to move ahead when I check my rear-view mirror to see an SUV coming through the intersection behind us travelling a lot faster than I wanted to see.

I was barely able to say, “Hang on, we’re going to be hit”, when the SUV crashed into the back of the Chevrolet Traverse. The other driver, perhaps realizing he didn’t have time to stop, had attempted to change lanes, but hit the left rear side of the Traverse. I expected a much greater impact. The Traverse barely moved.

Getting out of the Traverse, I could see that damage to the other car was severe. The right front fender had been pushed back up toward the firewall, while the hood was crumpled, the bumper destroyed and bits of car littered the road. The driver’s air bag had also deployed. The other driver was fine and already out of his car calling 911 on his cell phone.

The Traverse, however, didn’t even look like it had been hit – a small dent in the tailgate, some scraped and bent plastic bits and a broken marker light. Surprisingly, there was no damage to the Traverse’s rear quarter panel.

The other car was carried away on a flat bed wrecker while we drove home in the Traverse. I came away from the incident with new respect for the passive safety features manufacturers have built into their cars; and grateful that I was driving the Chevrolet Traverse that day.

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