The joys of moving around in low-traction situations are ingrained in people’s heads from a young age. Tobogganing down a hill. Hauling topless down a slip-and-slide in the yard. The slide at the park. Sock-skating on freshly-waxed hardwood. The list goes on: and it’s no wonder that skiing is so popular.

Skiing is the only outdoor activity that requires you to grease up a pair of slats, clip your funny-looking boots into said slats, wear form-fitting tights that would look embarrassing anywhere else, and propel yourself around in the cold, on the snow, with a pair of poles. Or, down a terrifying hill while you slip, slide, carve and do awesome maneuvers while dodging nearby trees, posts and fellow skiers.

Some folks partake in skiing-related activities a few times a winter, and others make it an entire lifestyle, visiting the slopes and trails every chance they get.

If you’re an avid skier, or are planning to be one, you’ll benefit a ride that’s up to the task, as well as a few accessories and features to help make life easier and more comfortable along the way.

Here’s a closer look.

Our Favourite Skiing-Ready Vehicles

Subaru XV Crosstrek: Subaru’s little ute has up-close and personal room for four adults on board, room for a ski-rack on top, and will all-wheel drive its way to your favourite trail or slope with a grin on its face. Sporty, thrifty and winter-ready utility, as well as one of the cleverest AWD systems in its segment get it on our list. Plus, you can get it with a manual transmission, which is awesome. Crosstrek also won this crossover comparison test, so we figure it’s pretty darn good.

2014 Audi A4 Avant2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek2014 Toyota Sienna SE V62014 Dodge Durango Citadel
2014 Audi A4 Avant, 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek, 2014 Toyota Sienna SE V6, 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel. Click image to enlarge

Toyota Sienna: Few machines combine this much space with this much sensibility. Whether you’re going skiing with the family, a friend or two, or just with that special someone for a weekend getaway, Sienna will handle the job with space to spare. You can even put a few sets of skis inside, thanks to the removable centre console. There’s plenty of real-estate on the roof for ski-racks, otherwise. And a deep cargo well behind the rear seats. And easy-access sliding doors. And All Wheel Drive (AWD), if you like.

Dodge Durango Citadel: It’s got a lockable four-wheel drive system that knows what’s up, available HEMI power for if you’re in a hurry, and a feature content list that’d make a sports ute costing twice as much blush. Plus, with its handsome styling and built-in visual attitude, your fellow skiers will know what’s up when you arrive at the chalet with your buds. And, when you leave, you can head home in the lap of American SUV comfort, thanks to heated first and second-row seats, remote start, rear-seat entertainment consoles, full multimedia hookups and more.

Our Favourite Skiing-Ready Features

Power Tailgate: When you’re done, you’re done. You’ve had a good ski, your reserves are depleted, your muscles are sore, and you don’t want to open your own hatch like a peasant. We especially like the Ford kick-to-open tailgate, since we don’t have to actually touch the tailgate to open it. It’s a little added convenience that’s big-time easy to appreciate when you’re pooched.

Heated Cupholders: If you’re going to slurp back some hot chocolate after your ski, why not keep it toasty warm for the ride home? Heated cupholders are just the trick. Look for them, mostly, in Chrysler and Dodge products.

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