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By Jordan W. Charness

“Peter, how was your trip?”

“Me and my big mouth,” was his somewhat cryptic reply.

“What happened this time?” I wanted to know.

To Peter it seemed like such a simple idea: after all, he was being a nice guy and just offering to help out his friends. Peter and his wife were scheduled to go on a one-day trip to a friend’s wedding in the USA. There were actually a bunch of people from Toronto going to the wedding including several of Peter’s closest friends and neighbours.

While loading up his car he noticed that two of his neighbours who were planning to travel together were trying to load an incredible amount of luggage into one car. It was clear that no matter how hard they pushed squeezed and cajoled there was no way that all those suitcases would ever fit into the car and still leave room for people.

The reason his friends were going down in one car was not only because gasoline had hit an exorbitant amount per litre, which would’ve been justification itself, but rather because one of the couples was leaving directly from the wedding for a three-week stay abroad; this explained all the suitcases.

Peter, being a nice guy and used to travelling light, knew that he only had two overnight bags and two suit bags to take on his overnight trip. He volunteered to take some of his friends’ suitcases to New York. After the wedding his friends could pick up the luggage and take it to the airport for the overseas trip. His friends thanked him and give him two big suitcases to throw in his trunk.

Although they all left Toronto at different times they knew they would all meet up again at the wedding.

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