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By Jordan W. Charness

Last week, I had the privilege of doing something that I had never before done or experienced. I went for a drive in two of the nicest cars that I have ever seen. The first car, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, was a truly amazing vehicle. When we got into the car, the engine started when put into gear without even a whisper of noise from the engine. The only way I knew that the motor was running was by the fact that the car was moving.

The amazing suspension managed to level out Montreal’s notorious potholes while the luxurious interior was everything that you’d expect from a car this expensive.

According to my friend the driver, the car could really move if he wanted it to but he had never really tested it.

The next day, we went driving in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. An extremely rare car in Canada, this gull winged beauty costs slightly over half the price of the Phantom, which seemed only fair since it had only two seats instead of the four the Phantom had. People actually asked us if they could take pictures of the car every time we were stopped in traffic.

This two-seat rocket apparently tops out at around 300 km/h and does zero to 100 a little over three seconds!

Two really nice cars; two really fast cars; two cars that could make you lose your driver’s licence in under four seconds.

Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against high-performance vehicles; in fact, I have a couple of my own. Although nowhere near as fast as the SLS, my cars could help me lose my driver’s licence in a little over five seconds. And if you think about it, most cars could probably cost you your licence in around six or seven seconds.

It’s a funny thing that as cars have become more efficient they have also become faster every year, and this, as speed limits across the country are dropping and many cities and towns are enacting legislation capping the maximum speed limit at 40 km/h.

While I would certainly love to try to drive at 300 km/h, it’s illegal and downright dangerous on anywhere but a racetrack. Having the potential to do so requires mature drivers that can enjoy the look and feel of these supercars without being tempted to break the law while driving them.

There are some who have been calling for laws to be enacted restricting the power and maximum of speed that cars or trucks are capable of. Fortunately, lawmakers seem to have decided to increase the penalties and decrease the speed limits rather than restricting the engineering of the cars.

That leaves those who are fortunate enough to drive cars with the potential to go really, really fast to enjoy these wonderful vehicles while knowing that while the potential is there to go fast, they won’t, but not because they can’t!

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