NEW FOR 2009:

– New Coupe model
– New LED door handle illumination, standard 21-inch cast aluminum wheels, auxiliary audio/visual connectivity, new front and rear door cappings with integrated grab handles, bi-directional double reading lights, and repositioned rear-seat controls
– New bumper and grille design on Extended Wheelbase model

For 2009, Rolls-Royce introduces a new Phantom Coupe, the production version of the 101EX concept car unveiled in 2006. The other three models in the lineup receive styling changes, including a new, streamlined bumper and shallower grille on the Extended Wheelbase model that gives all models a similar front-end appearance.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is available as a Coupe, Sedan, Drophead Coupe convertible, and Extended Wheelbase. All use a 6.7-1itre V12 engine with six-speed automatic transmission.

Each vehicle is built to customer specifications, with available features such as a "picnic boot" with seating platform, a choice of more than 44,000 different colours, front and rear parking cameras, multi-zone climate control, Lexicon Logic7 stereo, iPod connectivity, cashmere or leather upholstery, lambs-wool carpets, balanced wheel caps that keep the RR logo upright, and a Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament that automatically flips out of sight to prevent theft when the vehicle is parked.

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