NEW FOR 2008:

– Standard carbon ceramic brakes
– New 430 Scuderia model

For 2008, the Ferrari F430 coupe and Spider convertible are unchanged but for the additional of carbon ceramic brakes as standard equipment. Also new to the line-up is the high-performance Scuderia model.

The F430 uses a 4.3-litre V8 that makes 479 horsepower and can accelerate from zero to 96 km/h in 3.9 seconds, with a maximum top speed of over 315 km/h. The construction is an aluminum space frame chassis that is constructed in collaboration with American aluminum company Alcoa.

Two transmissions are available: a six-speed open-gate manual gearbox, or a six-speed F1 transmission with paddle shift. Also borrowed from Formula 1 is the "manettino", a driver-selectable system that controls the electronics governing the suspension settings, stability and traction control, electronic differential and the shifting speed of the F1 transmission. Five settings take it from automatic gear-changing with maximum intervention to full driver control.

The Scuderia also uses the 4.3-litre, with modifications that increase its performance to 503 horsepower; it uses a modified version of the F1 gearbox, called the F1-SuperFast2. It features lightweight construction, a special racing version of the manettino with separate suspension control, and styling that increases downforce. Purchase or lease of a Scuderia includes a two-day driving course at Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

The Spider features steel roll bars in the windshield structure for maximum protection, and a fully automatic top that folds into a compact space so that it doesn’t cover the engine.

Ferrari encourages personalization and to that end, the F430 is available with a choice of 16 bodywork colours, 12 leather colours, eight floor mat colours, carbon fibre or aluminum dash inserts, and rev counter background colour, as well as the thread colour and stitch spacing of the upholstery.

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