For 2007, the S2000 two-seater sports car is unchanged.

The S2000 comes in a single trim line, powered by a 2.2-litre four-cylinder engine with a six-speed manual transmission. Features include air conditioning, cruise control, power locks with keyless entry, power windows, push-button start, wind deflector, CD player with eight speakers and wheel-mounted controls, leather interior, leather-wrapped wheel, manually-adjustable seats and leather-wrapped wheel. The power-operated soft top includes a glass rear window with defroster.

The S2000 is getting long in the tooth, with a dated, plastic-heavy interior that looks very cheap, given the car’s substantial price. But it still sets the standard for Japanese sports car performance, with a high-revving engine, beautifully notched shifter, and handling that almost anticipates the driver’s desire. It’s definitely a left-seat car; passengers aren’t really comfortable in the tight cabin, and the ride is tooth-rattlingly firm. But when you’re behind that wheel, rowing the gears and plying the throttle, you simply understand what it means to be one with the road.

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