If there are any changes to Rolls-Royce’s single model for 2005, the company isn’t saying; with each Phantom built to the customer’s specifications, features and options are pretty much limited to whatever the buyer wants. This is, after all, the company that had a model turn up in 1923 bearing a full-size replica horse in place of its car body to advertise the American soft drink Moxie, although the auto firm prefers to deny responsibility.

The 2005 Phantom is powered by a naturally-aspirated, all-aluminum V12 sourced from parent company BMW, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The car’s 31-inch-diameter run-flat tires are the largest fitted to any production car. Unusually, the rear doors open “suicide” fashion (hinged at the rear) for ease of entry; Rolls-Royce claims it is the only automaker in the world to be allowed to build a car with such doors, due to its engineering expertise.

Among the Phantom’s features are three-staged heated seats, satellite navigation, television and telephone systems, six-zone climate control with four individual fan controls, Teflon-coated umbrellas in both rear doors (with drainage channels so they can be stored wet), leather interior that takes from 15 to 18 hides per car, six types of available wood veneer, lambs wool rugs, wool and cashmere headliner, folding picnic tables, 18 standard exterior colours with a possible 45,000 custom-mixed ones, adjustable ride

The Phantom is built in Goodwood, England.

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