In its final year, the 2005 Ferrari F360 continues unchanged, offering a Modena, Challenge Stradale and Spider. It will be replaced by the all-new F430.

Powered by a 3.6-litre V8, the 360 is the first production Ferrari to be constructed entirely in aluminum. The Spider is basically a convertible version of the Modena; the race-inspired Stradale has unique styling.

The Modena was the 163rd Ferrari to be designed by Pininfarina, with the passenger compartment set almost centrally between the two axles and the engine visible under a rear screen. Designed for taller-than-average drivers, the Modena has a roomy cockpit and enough space for small suitcases or golf bags behind the seats. Interior is leather with aluminum trim.

The Spider is the 20th road-going drop-top in the company’s history. The roof folds automatically into a special well between the cockpit and the engine bay, and two roll bars provide occupant safety. The power roof takes 20 seconds to fold and is capped off by an integrated tonneau cover. It is available in a choice of four colours with a fabric lining and interchangeable PVC rear window. The interior is identical to the coupe, save for an electrically-operated “strongbox” storage compartment between the seats, and two storage nets on each side of the rear console. Screens on the roll bars eliminate wind buffeting when the roof is down.

The Challenge Stradale is derived directly from the Modena, but everything not related to performance or safety has been removed to create a fast, lightweight sports car that’s meant for track use. Even the mirrors are made of carbon fibre to reduce weight. The interior is also finished in carbon fibre, and the steering wheel is equipped with F1 shifter paddles, with the right one lengthened to facilitate shifting when coming out of corners. Carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes, titanium front and rear springs and a 15 mm lower centre of gravity mean this Ferrari is definitely not meant for trips to the grocery store.

The F360 is built in Modena, Italy.

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