Now in its final year, the Buick Century is virtually unchanged for 2005, and comes in only one line, although a Special Edition Package with 16-inch chrome wheels, dual-zone climate control, a custom grille and special badging is available for it. Production ended in 2004 and so it’s impossible to place an order; you’ll have to choose from what dealers have in stock.

The Century is being replaced by the all-new Allure, which is slightly larger and more competitively priced.

The Century is a highway cruiser in the grand tradition of Buick; it’s a six-passenger sedan whose suspension is more luxury than touring. It’s quiet, powerful enough, and it soaks up road imperfections for a comfortable ride. It also ranks high in reliability. The sole engine choice is a 3.1-litre V6, mated to a four-speed automatic.

Standard features include automatic power locks, automatic headlamps, power locks with keyless entry, four-wheel disc brakes, power mirrors, 15-inch steel wheels, dual-zone air conditioning, cargo net, cruise control, CD player with four speakers, and power windows.

Optional equipment includes OnStar, ABS, deluxe chrome wheel covers, leather seats and power driver’s seat.

The Century is priced higher than the new Allure, but don’t expect to pay MSRP; dealers will be eager to move remaining stock and will undoubtedly be offering fire-sale prices. The lack of choice should be more than offset by the price.

The Century is built in Oshawa, Ontario

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