by Iris Winston

(editors note: This article is a follow-up to an earlier article – Out of stock – in which Iris Winston examined what happens when replacement parts for not so old cars are no longer available.)

A new way of finding car parts could keep older vehicles on the road longer and longer.

E-commerce is opening the way to picking up that rare spare part on the Web through All-Parts. The Victoria, B.C. company operating a Web site at, promises it can provide “all of the parts for every vehicle ever made.”

The Web site puts buyers in touch with some 300 million parts and dozens of suppliers, says company president John Lawlor.

Most of the trading to date has been in the U.S., he says, and, so far, “there has been no part that we couldn’t get.”

As he expects to double the current total of available parts to 600 million by July, he is confident that the perfect parts-finding record will remain in place for some time.

The system is simple, he says. Buyers can access over 300 wholesalers and auto recyclers in the U.S. and Canada through the Web site. They can also reach technicians for help in diagnosing problems with their automobiles.

Consumers are offered a 30-day free trial of the service. After that they pay a three per cent commission on purchases.

Mr. Lawlor says that the site averages more than a million hits and logs some 20,000 requests for auto parts from consumers each month.

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