Porsche Certified Pre Owned Program
Porsche Certified Pre Owned Program
Porsche Certified Pre Owned Program. Click image to enlarge

Article by Justin Pritchard, photos by Chris Koski and courtesy Porsche

The thing about a used Porsche is that it isn’t a new Porsche. And, like any used sports car, that used 911, Cayman, Boxster, Panamera or Cayenne may be full of secrets and surprises waiting to rear their ugly heads.

Concerns and questions cloud the minds of many shoppers ahead of the purchase of a used performance machine. Was the car abused? Are the tires and brakes chewed up like a Rottweiler’s stuffed alpaca toy? Is the clutch slipping like it’s made of greased Teflon? Do all the sensors still sense? Are the magnetically-variable shock absorbers still magnetically-varying – or have they been busted to smithereens after years of pothole strikes?

Hopefully there aren’t any parts that will need replacement on the performance car you’re considering – but maybe, there are.

And hopefully, the car wasn’t in an accident – but maybe it was.

Did it ever get rear ended by Sienna? Slip off of the road and down an embankment? High-five a guard-rail with its rear quarter panel? Is there frame damage? Was it repaired with quality parts, or “MacGyvered” back together with cheap Chinese bits from eBay? Did that used Cayenne ever take a boulder to its oil pan during some careless off-roading?

Ah, the joys.

Used vehicles have often-unknown histories that can result in diminished enjoyment of the vehicle in question – and when you’re buying a used Porsche, diminished enjoyment isn’t likely to be acceptable.

Porsche Certified Pre Owned ProgramPorsche Certified Pre Owned ProgramPorsche Certified Pre Owned Program
Porsche Certified Pre Owned Program. Click image to enlarge

Ultimately, that’s because of the nature of someone about to drop a high amount of fundage on a used ride. This shopper is, typically, educated, well-travelled, cultured and reasonably intelligent. They want confidence. Peace of mind: the knowledge that their car has been tended to and worked on and inspected by someone familiar with it. And, perhaps more than this, that it meets a high standard of quality and overall condition.

This shopper wants a fuss-free experience, and they’re willing to pay for it.

And that’s where the Porsche Certified Pre Owned Program (CPO) comes in. In a nutshell, used Porsche models with as many as eight years of service apply to be accepted into the program. An initial check, visual analysis and mechanical pre-inspection turns in a pass or fail grade for enrollment. For used cars, it’s like trying to get into Harvard.

Once a model is accepted, Porsche mechanics, body men and technicians get busy – giving the machine a loving and exhaustive going-over to refurbish it back as close to factory-original condition as possible.

Bodywork, for instance, is rigorously inspected and repaired. Paint and panel damage, if present, is remedied to Porsche standards by Porsche experts in a Porsche body shop.

Maintenance work is performed. That fluid change, tire rotation and tune-up scheduled for that 2007 Boxster you’re considering? They do that. The 50,000 kilometre service on that 2009 911 Turbo? Same deal. Scan of the computer to check for wonky modules? Check. Tires and brakes and shocks and bushings are checked over, too.

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