2015 Nissan Micra
2015 Nissan Micra. Click image to enlarge

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With a suite of tailored financing options Nissan continues to bridge the gap between the car you want, and the car you get.

The all-new 2014 Nissan Micra already invokes that new-car longing with fun styling, agility and versatility, while the ultra-low $9,998 price tag makes it genuinely accessible.

And price isn’t the only barrier to entry that Nissan is breaking down.

People who may be new to the country, new to the workforce or who are striking out on their own for the first time don’t always have an established credit history. They’re the same innovative, stylish, fun-loving adults that you see in adverts for the Micra – but it’s a simple fact that a lack of credit history or poor credit history hold people back from owning the car they want.

But just as the Micra is designed to deliver mature fun to a range of lifestyles, Nissan’s financing options have been tailored to make it easier for everyone to get their hands on Canada’s most affordable car.

First-time buyers will benefit from Nissan’s First Time Buyer Program, which helps new car buyers settle into their first major purchase.

It gives buyers access to pre-approved credit online and helps them get used to making the monthly payments that establish good credit. Initiatives like this minimize the more daunting aspects of buying a first car, and hand control back to the car buyer.

2015 Nissan Micra2015 Nissan Micra
2015 Nissan Micra. Click image to enlarge

That reliability is a big factor for recent graduates too. As you transition from university or school into the work force it’s important to have a car that you can rely on – but why shouldn’t the reliable option also be the rewarding one?

Instead of an old, boring, used car, tailored plans are available for graduates – even those with little or no credit history. And with additional rewards available to recent graduates, Nissan’s 2014 Micra stops being a car you wish you could buy, and becomes one you do buy.

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What better way to start your new life in Canada than with a car you love? New residents may be eligible for Nissan’s New Canadian Program which helps you purchase a brand-new, reliable car backed by a five-year or 100,000 km powertrain warranty. For those who thought a new car was out of reach based on bruised credit, the Micra Opportunity Program can assist in re-establishing and improving your credit.  If you decide to Lease or Finance, Nissan has the opportunity for you.

Loyalty programs are not new in any industry, but not everyone knows that perks like the Nissan Preferred Customer Retention financing program is available not just to current owners, but their family as well. The program provides a minimum 0.25 percent rate reduction and waives the security deposit – helping you join the Nissan family.

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