2002 BMW M3
Paul Williams’ dream car, 2002 BMW M3
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by Paul Williams

If you could have any car, what would it be? That’s a question many of us
think about while daydreaming our way down the highway.

And do you ever make a decision? One that lasts more than five minutes?

I thought not. That’s because there are so many variables. Are we talking a
year-round car? Will it be the only car you own? Will you have to pay for
service and insurance? Current or historic, sports or sedan, domestic or

There are so many fine cars. But to pick just one? Oh, man, I don’t know!

I’ve been struggling with this (again) for the last few days. Trying to be
decisive, to stick with one choice.

Here’s what I’ve concluded. First of all, there have to be some parameters
if you’re going to get somewhere with this challenge. Trolling over
100-years worth of vehicles for the magic One is beyond the ability of even
the most afflicted car nut.

No, we need to make some boundaries, and for this exercise there are two.

First, it’s a current car, and by that I mean it’s either brand new or up to
5-years old.

Second, it’s going to be your only car, and your year-round car. You’re
going to be given this car, but you have to own it for three years (you can
sell it after, if you want) and you’ll drive it regularly during that time.
This means you’ll have to fuel it and insure it (hey, you can’t have
everything… you’re getting the car!).

When I posed this to my son, his first thought was, “That’s easy, I’ll take
a Maybach.”

I get that. Mercedes’ huge, expensive, techno-showpiece certainly makes a
$tatement. But a mega-limousine? Is that really you?

How about a nice, rare, Aston-Martin Vanquish? You can be Bond, James Bond.
Prowling around the city streets, flashing your wealth and your style and
your power. Listening to comments like, “Hey, love your Jag!”

But you’ve got to be practical, too. What about when you want to haul things
around? Or when you want to head off-road. Can’t do that in a Maybach or an
Aston. What about a Hummer? Now there’s a dream vehicle. Get the diesel and
drive over whatever you want.

Or a Ferrari. A new, red 575M Maranello. Oh, gawd, look at that car. That
could be you!

Actually, I’ve come up with my dream car. It’s a bit more modest than the
Ferrari, but it’ll work for me. I can drive it every day, and even get stuck
in traffic and it won’t overheat like some exotics. I can just about afford
the fuel and it’s a current car, so I’ll get a warranty.

gorgeous wheel
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There’s room for one comfortable passenger and a couple more in a pinch.
There’s even room for my groceries, so it’s somewhat practical. This is the
car that literally took my breath away when I stood next to it last summer:
a 2002 Titanium silver BMW M3, with Imola red leather interior and the
double-spoke 19″ alloy wheels.

Honestly, those wheels were so beautiful I just about dropped to my knees
and French kissed them. Just a moment, while I recover from the memory.


Think you can come up with a dream car? It has to fit the above criteria:
current and a daily driver. Send in your suggestion to www.Autos.ca
and explain the reasons for your choice. Include your name and the city in
which you live. We’ll randomly pick five of the entries and send these lucky people one of our brand new www.Autos.ca hats (value… priceless). E-mail dreamcars@www.autos.ca.
We’ll do a follow-up article shortly.

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