The all-new 2016 Honda Civic saw its global reveal last night but much to my chagrin, unfortunately, the reveal seemed to focus more on an up and coming indie band than it did the highly anticipated car itself.

The debut of the all-new Civic is a big deal for Honda. While sales have remained strong for the ninth-generation Civic, enthusiasts and die-hard Civic fans have expressed their ongoing disappointment with the overall quality of the ninth-gen. And regardless of the fact that the Civic has remained on top to be Canada’s best-selling car for the past 17 years, this new launch has a lot of weight riding on its success and I daresay, while it won’t make or break the Civic, a flop on the part of the Civic may just usurp it from the throne.

Honda’s calls the new Civic dynamic and the most ambitious remake of the Civic ever. With the inclusion of a turbocharged engine (something that Honda once said would never happen and I’m more than ecstatic for them to be eating those words now – turbo all the things!), and a much more aggressive and sporty stand than the last generation for starters, I’d say it’s already on the right track for being the most ambitious redesign yet.

Somewhere along the line, a few generations ago (some would say exactly three generations ago with the launch of the seventh-generation Civic), the Civic seemed to lose its fun, and sporty appeal and with the new 2016 car, Honda is aiming to regain that fun driving experience. Dave Gardner, senior vice president of Honda Canada Inc. says, “This tenth-generation Civic is quite simply the most ambitious remake we’ve ever done. It was created with the same innovative spirit that helped established Civic, back in 1973 and subsequently, as the benchmark in its class and Canada’s best-selling car for 17 consecutive years.”

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