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2010 Honda Insight

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2010 Honda Insight
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Do you remember when the first-generation Honda Insight was released? I can’t say I exactly remember the hoopla behind it, but I remember seeing them about and thinking, “That’s a weird looking little car they have there.” The first-generation Insight was an oddball vehicle: a two-seater with wheel covers to make it even more fuel efficient, so it stood out. But it never really caught on, its two seats making it impractical in comparison to its hybrid competition, the Toyota Prius.

After letting the Insight die a slow, horrible death Honda has finally redesigned it, but this new one is not really related to the first generation by much more than the name.

2010 Honda Insight
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And when you can’t beat them I guess it is time to join them. Honda has decided it should mimic the iconic profile of the Toyota Prius. I can see why, as the Prius is a symbol to all who want to make a statement about their allegiance to the earth and all things green, whether it be true or just a facade.

Now not only has Honda come out with a clone in the looks department, they have come out hitting hard by undercutting the Prius’ price by quite the margin. A base Prius starts at $27,710, while the Insight starts at $23,900 for the LX trim. My tester is an EX-trimmed model, which adds a whole lot of features to the base Insight and still just barely undercuts the Prius with a price of only $27,500.

On top of the 98hp 1.3-litre SOHC 4-cylinder with Integrated Motor Assist IMA and a slew of standard amenities, the EX trim adds: Steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, 15″ alloy wheels instead of steel wheels, VSA (vehicle stability assist) and traction control, side mirrors with turn indicators, a centre armrest with storage, variable intermittent wipers and two extra speakers for a total of six.

2010 Honda Insight EX
MSRP as tested (including destination): $28,810

For more information on Honda and the Insight visit Honda Canada

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