Santa Rosa, California – California-based electric vehicle company ZAP has begun shipping low-speed electric vehicles to several U.S. military bases.

The Zaptruck XL, a 100 per cent plug-in electric low-speed vehicle, will be used on both American and international bases.

“Our Zaptruck XL has captured a significant market share in what is becoming a high-demand, high-growth segment of the EV marketplace,” said ZAP CEO Amos Kazzaz. “These orders and continued strong dealer demand have resulted in our ramping up higher production, which is a manageable and nice problem to deal with.”

The U.S. government has announced plans to purchase more than US$300 million worth of energy-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles.

ZAP plans to expand its domestic manufacturing capability through an exclusive contract with Zap Motors Manufacturing in Kentucky, which has applied for a $200 million advanced technology vehicles manufacturing loan from the Department of Energy (DOE)  to build a facility in the state. The DOE will be allocating $25 billion in such loans to qualified carmakers and suppliers who can build advanced technology vehicles in the U.S.

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