Toronto, Ontario – A new report from Xerox Canada has found that switching to a “Green Fleet” has saved the office products supplier $102,124 in fuel and operating costs and has the potential to grow to more than $306,000 over the three-year lease of the vehicles.

The Green Fleet is the result of a 2005 automotive audit, when Xerox’s technical service team discovered that almost 60 per cent of operating costs were attributed to fuel consumption. A preliminary analysis found that the 800-plus vehicle fleet was comprised almost entirely of minivans, cargo vans and pickup trucks.

The team proposed the Green Belt Lean Six Sigma project, which initially focused on territories where fewer parts and minimal cargo space was required. Six more fuel-efficient vehicles were chosen to replace a portion of the existing fleet: the Jeep Patriot, Jeep Compass, Kia Rondo, Pontiac Vibe, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry Hybrid. As a result, in 2007 the team saved $102,124 in fuel and operating costs, which will grow to $306,371 over the three-year lease terms of the vehicles. Xerox will also reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 270,000 kg annually, the equivalent of recycling 93.1 tons of waste or saving 61.4 acres of pine or fir forest.

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