Herndon, Virginia – Volkswagen Group of America will add 16 Passat Lingyu fuel cell vehicles to the fleet it is demonstrating in the California Fuel Cell Partnership. The prototype Lingyu vehicles, developed in China and used at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, will bring the company’s demonstration fleet to 24, the largest fleet of fuel cell cars from a single manufacturer at one location anywhere in the world.

The Volkswagen Group worked with scientists at Tongji University to create the vehicles, based on one of China’s best-selling Volkswagen platforms. The vehicles are capable of travelling at up to 145 km/h, and as far as 235 km on a single tank of fuel, emitting only water and oxygen from the tailpipe.

In addition to working with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Volkswagen also operates a number of university research projects in the state.

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