Volvo C30. Click image to enlarge

Frankfurt, Germany – Volvo has presented its new C30 DRIVe at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which for the first time has undercut the limit of 100 grams of CO2/km.

Featuring start/stop technology, the latest version of the C30 DRIVe uses just 3.8 litres of diesel per 100 km, and emits 99 grams of CO2/km. “This puts us among the absolute elite as regards low CO2 emissions,” said Peter Ewerstrand, head of CO2-related issues at Volvo Cars.

Since the spring of 2009, the Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe has been available in Europe with an advanced start/stop function that switches off the engine when the car is at a standstill, such as at traffic lights. This, together with a number of engine management and combustion technology improvements, initially brought the C30 DRIVe down to 104 grams/km, but greater advances were made just a few months later.

The new model has a range of 1,380 km on a single 52-litre tank of diesel, and will be on the market later this year.

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