Ottawa, Ontario – A vehicle recycling program, Retire Your Ride, will now be available in all provinces  for 1995 and older model-year vehicles. The program is managed nationally by the Clean Air Foundation, and managed and delivered locally in each province, with vehicles recycled in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Depending on the province, participating residents are eligible to receive a number of different rewards, including public transit passes, discounts, rebates or cash. The program runs until March 31, 2011 and intends to recycle 50,000 vehicles each year. The Canadian government has committed to investing up to $92 million in the program across the country.

According to the program, a vehicle built in 1995 or earlier emits 19 times more smog-forming emissions and pollutants than a 2004 model vehicle.

Delivery partners include Scrap-It in British Columbia; Climate Change Central in Alberta; the Saskatchewan Environmental Society; the Manitoba Lung Association; the Clean Air Foundation in Ontario; Association québécoise du lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique in Quebec; the New Brunswick Lung Association; the Prince Edward Island Lung Association; Clean Nova Scotia; and the Newfoundland and Labrador Lung Association.

To enter a car into the program, visit RetireYourRide, or call 1-877-773-1996. Residents of British Columbia should visit Scrap-It for specific provincial requirements. Vehicles must be in running condition and have been registered and insured for at least six months.

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