DSCN0882Vancouver, British Columbia – Vancouver-based Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) has begun production of an electric vehicle (EV) with bi-directional charging as part of a U.S. Army research project. Such vehicles run solely on electric power but can also be used as power sources in the event of electricity disruption.

The order consists of three REV 300ACXs, based on the Ford Escape, and one REV 300AZX, based on the Ford F-150 platform. Known as Ancillary Power Vehicles (APVs), the vehicles are part of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Center Micro-Grid contract for delivery, testing and demonstration at Wheeler Air Base in Hawaii. The APVs combine proprietary propulsion, power management and mobile communication technologies developed by REV, including a 125 kW permanent magnet AC motor and gearbox drive systems that deliver 221 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. Fleets can interact with the APVs in real time and rely on their combined energy storage for fast-response backup power in the event of damaged transformers, broken power lines, or large spikes in energy demand.

The Micro-Grid demonstration project will use plug-in electric vehicles to determine the technical readiness of such grids to accept power from various inputs, while charging the selected vehicles and providing output power to various applications in both AC and DC. The focus is efficient power management, renewable energy integration, energy storage, and smart charging of plug-in vehicles.

In addition to the vehicles, REV will also supply four 240-volt charging stations and 200 kWh of stationary energy storage to the project.

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