Washington, D.C. – Reported sales of hybrids in the U.S. dropped by 32.2 per cent in January 2009, compared with January 2008, according to the Green Car Congress. Sales were a combined 15,442 units.

The 32.2 per cent drop was a lower rate of decline than overall light-duty vehicle sales, which dropped 37.1 per cent to 656,976 units in January.  Hybrids took a 2.35 per cent share of the new-vehicle market for January 2009.

Toyota reported 8,121 sales of the Prius, a 28.6 per cent drop from January 2008. The Camry Hybrid sold 1,141 units, a 69.6 per cent drop, and representing 5.5 per cent of all Camry models sold. The Highlander Hybrid sold 984 units, a drop of 54.1 per cent, and 17.1 per cent of all Highlander models sold.

The Lexus RX 400h sold 1,556 units, an increase of 28.5 per cent compared with January 2008, and 23.9 per cent of all RX models sold. The GS 450h sold 41 units, down 35.9 per cent, and representing 4.6 per cent of all GS models sold. The LS 600h sold 33 units, a decrease of 68.6 per cent, and 3.7 per cent of all LS sales combined.

Honda reported 1,076 sales of the Civic Hybrid, a 38.3 per cent drop from 2008 and 7.6 per cent of all Civic models sold. The discontinued Accord Hybrid sold one unit.

General Motors reported 923 hybrid sales, including 599 two-mode full-size Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade models, or 8.0 per cent of those combined models; seven Silverado hybrids, representing .03 per cent of all Silverado sales; 153 Vue Green Line hybrids, which represented 5.3 per cent of all Vue sales; 145 Malibu hybrids, or 1.6 per cent of all Malibu sales; and 19 Aura Hybrids, representing 1.4 per cent of all  Aura sales.

Ford reported combined sales of 880 units of the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids, a 40.3 drop from 2008, and representing 8.7 per cent of combined sales of both models.

Nissan sold 644 units of the Altima hybrid, which is only available in nine states, a 36.2 per cent increase from 2008, and representing 4.6 per cent of all Altima models sold.

Chrysler sold 42 units of its two-mode hybrid, divided between 33 Chrysler Aspen and nine Dodge Durango hybrids, representing 3.0 per cent of combined sales.

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