Washington, D.C. – Reported sales of hybrid vehicles in the U.S. dropped 50% in November 2008, when compared to November 2007, according to a report by the Green Car Congress. Total reported sales were 16,571 units, a volume slightly above that of November 2005.

Overall light-duty vehicle sales in the U.S. dropped 36.7% in November; for the month, hybrids represented 2.22% of the new vehicle market. Year-to-date, hybrids hold a 2.4% share of new vehicle sales.

Toyota reported that sales of the Prius were down 48.3% to 8,660, the lowest sales month since January 2007. Camry Hybrid sales dropped 5.75%, down to 2,174 units, accounting for 8.6% of all Camry sales, which were down 28.8% overall. Sales of the Highlander Hybrid were down 64.8% to 907 units, representing 11.5% of all Highlander models sold. The Highlander was down 35.9% overall.

The Lexus RX400h sold 624 units, down 62.7%, and representing 10.7% of all RX models sold. The GS 450h sold 42 units, a 58% drop, and representing 4.2% of all GX models sold. The LS 600h sold 37 units, a drop of 78.2% from November 2007, and representing 8.7% of all LX models sold.

Ford reported combined sales of the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrid of 1,361 units, down 38.8%, and representing 11.4% of all combined models in the month, which dropped 17.9% overall.

General Motors sold a total of 1,335 hybrid units in November. It sold 767 of the two-mode hybrid versions of the Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade, for 9.3% of total sales for those models. The company sold 328 units of the Saturn Vue Green Line, representing 9.7% of all Vue sales; 195 units of the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, or 2.1% of all Malibu models sold, and 45 units of the Saturn Aura Hybrid.

Honda reported 1,043 units of the Civic Hybrid, a drop of 67.8%, and representing 5.9% of all Civics sold. Civic sales were down 29.6% for the month. There were no sales of the discontinued Accord Hybrid.

Nissan sold 353 units of the Altima Hybrid, a 70.4% drop from November 2008. This represented 3.3% of all Altima models sold, which overall were down 45.3% for the month.

Chrysler sold 35 units of the Aspen and Durango two-mode hybrid SUVs in their first month of reported sales, representing 1.0% of combined model sales overall.

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