Montreal, Quebec – Automotive glass company UniglassPlus has announced that it will distribute recycling bins to its 102 dealers across the country, enabling them to recycle windshields rather than send them to landfills.

The program will run from April 1 to May 31, a period when the dealer network replaces the most number of windshields.

“We first want to ensure the viability of such an initiative in ecological terms, by taking into account the life cycle of the process so as to measure the net effect on the environment,” said director of operations Sylvain Gosselin. “If the results are conclusive, we will extend the practice to the entire year.”

The company said that glass is 70 per cent silica sand and as such, can be recycled endlessly. Once recovered, it is crushed in grinders, sifted to remove impurities, and remelted with a specific amount of raw materials to form a glass paste that can be processed. Some 250,000 windshields are replaced in Canada every year, representing some 2,300 tonnes of glass that could be reintroduced into the consumption cycle and diverted from landfills.

The UniglassPlus program will also work with associations that help young people aged 15 to 18 with social reintegration, and training to become self-reliant. Young people participating in the UniglassPlus program will prepare the windshields for recycling.

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