Washington, D.C. – Reported sales of hybrids in the U.S. dropped only 4.1 per cent in September 2009 when compared with September 2008, but fell 48.4 per cent when compared with August 2009, following the end of the “Cash for Clunkers” rebate program.

Overall, car and light-duty truck sales in September 2009 dropped 22.7 per cent from September 2008, but were down 41 per cent from August 2009, with 745,997 vehicles sold. Hybrid sales were 19,977 units, not including sales of the Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid, which went on sale in the U.S. in late August. New vehicle market share for hybrids fell to 2.7 per cent in September, from a high of 3.6 per cent in July.

Toyota reported overall sales of 126,015 vehicles, 14,585 of them hybrids, a drop of 5.3 per cent from September 2008. The Prius sold 10,984 units, up one per cent from September 2008, but down 42 per cent from August 2009. The Camry Hybrid sold 872 units, down 68.7 per cent from 2008; the Highlander Hybrid sold 269 units, down 70.8 per cent.

The Lexus RX450h sold 1,168 units, up 57 per cent from September 2008. The GS450h sold 38 units, up 31 per cent, and the LS600h sold 12 units, down 74.5 per cent. The new HS250 sold 1,242 units.

Ford reported a six per cent drop in sales of all vehicles from September 2008. It sold 2,138 hybrids, up 116 per cent from 2008. The Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids accounted for 1,260, a drop of 11.3 per cent for those models from 2008.

Honda sold a total of 77,229 vehicles, a decline of 20 per cent from 2008; its hybrid sales were 1,898 units, down six per cent. The Civic Hybrid dropped 92.5 per cent to 152 units, but the new Insight sold 1,746 units.

General Motors sold a total of 155,679 vehicles in September, down 45 per cent. A total of 1,011 were hybrids, down 48.3 per cent.

Nissan reported total sales of 55,393 units, a decrease of seven per cent. The Altima Hybrid sold 345 units, down 26.6 per cent from September 2008. The model is only sold in eight states.

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