Ottawa, Ontario – The Government of Canada has released a report showing positive environmental gains from capping the speed of large commercial trucks at 105 km/h via the use of speed limiters. The report shows that speed limiters on large trucks could result in 228.6 million litres of diesel fuel saved, representing 1.4 per cent of the total on-road diesel consumed in 2006.

Annual greenhouse gas savings are estimated at 0.64 megatonnes. Ontario and Quebec would account for 64 per cent of this estimated national savings.

In April 2008, Lawrence Cannon, the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities met with the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety in Gatineau, Quebec, where it was agreed that each province and/or territory would be responsible for implementing speed limiter legislation. Ontario recently passed legislation requiring limiters capped at 105 km/h on large commercial trucks operating in the province. Quebec also has speed limiter legislation for such trucks.

In 2005, the Canadian Trucking Alliance called on governments to mandate the activation of limiters on all heavy trucks travelling in Canada at no more than 105 km/h.

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