Toronto, Ontario – Toyota has delivered a Prius Plug-In Hybrid (PHV) to its provincial testing partners in Ontario, as part of a global test of the new vehicle.

The testing partners include the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Power Generation, the City of Toronto, and the Auto21 Network of Centres of Excellence. The partners will share the car, which will be fitted with telematics equipment to record vehicle and hybrid system performance.

“Toyota Canada is pleased to deliver the first Prius PHV to our partners in Ontario, a province that has shown great leadership in planning for a more sustainable transportation future,” said Yoichi Tomihara, president of Toyota Canada. “We believe the Prius PHV will help Canadian drivers minimize their impact on the environment, and Toyota is grateful to have such important partners join us in gathering critical real-world feedback.”

The Prius PHV is designed to travel more than 20 kilometres, and have a top speed of almost 100 km/h, on battery power alone. When the battery power is depleted, the vehicle reverts to hybrid mode and operates like a regular Prius. Under specified driving conditions, in combined electric and hybrid vehicle modes, the Prius PHV achieves fuel consumption of 1.75 L/100 km, and CO2 emissions of 41 g/km.

Canada has been selected as one of the participating countries for Toyota’s global test of the model. Five Prius PHV have been distributed among 15 trial partners in four provinces in the first phase of a nationwide trial, including Ontario. The testing will continue through the winter to assess performance under a range of driving and climate conditions.

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