Toyota new Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
Toyota new Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle. Click image to enlarge

Toyota City, Japan – Toyota has developed a new fuel cell hybrid vehicle in Japan that travels more than double the distance of its predecessor model, increasing the maximum cruising range from 205 miles (329 km) to 515 miles (828 km). The new Toyota FCHV-adv (fuel cell hybrid vehicle advanced) improves the cruising range with its newly-designed, high-performance Toyota FC Stack.

Fuel efficiency was improved by 25 per cent through improving fuel cell unit performance, enhancing the regenerative braking system and reducing energy consumed by the auxiliary system. The new Toyota-developed high-pressure hydrogen tanks also make it possible to travel approximately 828 km on a single fuelling, which more than doubles that of the previous Toyota FCHV.

The new system also deals with the low-temperature start issues typically associated with fuel cell vehicles; the FCHV-adv can start and operate at temperatures as low as minus 30 C.

Toyota is currently conducting tests to resolve issues such as durability and cost reduction, and is working with government, energy companies and other concerned parties to actively bring fuel cell vehicles into widespread use. The FCHV-adv acquired vehicle-type certification from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on June 3, 2008.

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