Tokyo, Japan – Toyota has marked the start of production of the Camry Hybrid in Australia, making it the fifth country in the world to produce hybrids.

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) plans to build 10,000 Camry Hybrid vehicles annually, with 300 of them exported to New Zealand. The car will go on sale in Australia in February 2010.

“Toyota Australia will be only the fifth country in the world that produces hybrid vehicles and that makes me proud of Australia,” said Yukitoshi Funo, executive vice-president of Toyota Motor Corporation. “I expect that this car will bring a new set of business opportunities to the local community so that the Australian and Victorian auto industry will step to the next level, both economically and environmentally.”

TMCA was established in 1959 and began production in 1963 with the Tiara. It has now built more than two million vehicles. TMCA exported 70 per cent of its 2008 production, and is now the Camry production and export base for Oceania and the Middle East.

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