Amsterdam, Holland – Norwegian electric vehicle manufacturer Think will sell up to 500 Think City electric vehicles to the Netherlands this year through a local distributor. The car company, which already sells the Think City in Norway, is looking at several new markets, and plans to open a manufacturing plant and technical centre in the U.S. that will build vehicles by 2010.

Think highlighted Amsterdam and Rotterdam as two cities that have expressed interest in the car, which can reach 105 km/h and travel up to 180 kilometres on a charge. The company’s Norwegian factory has a production capacity of 16,000 cars per year.

The Dutch government has been supportive of electric vehicles, with its Minister of Transport creating a €10 million fund to support their widespread introduction. “Government support is creating an important basis for the first larger-scale fleet applications,” said Richard Waitz, Think sales director. “Think is moving quickly to take advantage of these programs in the Netherlands and all across Europe.”

The electric vehicle company said it has rebounded from money problems that forced it to halt production and lay off employees in December. In January, it secured interim financing equivalent to US$5.7 million to restructure the company, allowing it to raise permanent equity capital and return to volume production, and to begin recalling employees affected by the slowdown.

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