Burtonsville, Maryland – A new technology that generates electricity from the movement of heavy trucks and long-haul vehicles will be developed into a full-scale system suitable for field testing and ultimately, commercial deployment.

New Energy Technologies, an alternative and renewable energy developer, has announced the successful prototyping and testing of its MotionPower-Heavy technology.

The system is engineered to generate electricity while addressing utility demands and commercial considerations unique to large vehicles, including minimizing payload disruption, ensuring passenger comfort, and making special allowances for integration of the system at commercial trucking sites such as ports, weigh scales, border crossings and central distribution sites.

Heavy-duty trucks have up to 25 times more kinetic energy than a typical car travelling at the same speed. MotionPower-Heavy is a fluid-based system, capable of drawing significant amounts of energy from a single vehicle without jarring its payload or creating passenger discomfort.

The new MotionPower-Heavy technology is being developed alongside the MotionPower-Auto system for cars and light trucks, which was recently tested for durability during the Labour Day long weekend at a Burger King restaurant in Hillside, New Jersey.

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