Calgary, Alberta – India-based Tata Motors has selected Alternative Fuel Systems (AFS) of Calgary for a project involving a compressed natural gas (CNG) version of its Xenon XT extended-cab pickup truck.

“A Xenon XT provided by Tata Motors Thailand Ltd. equipped with an AFS engine control system has now arrived in Calgary,” said Jim Perry, president and CEO of AFS. “We are in the process of licencing the vehicle for testing on Canadian roads. The objective of our project is to refine the Xenon engine control system to provide optimal driveability and performance under a wide spectrum of operating conditions. It is very important to vehicle buyers that the pickup has a smooth and powerful feel in real-world driving. The only way to properly assure this elevated level of performance is through testing on a production vehicle.”

Perry said that the company now has four different Tata vehicles in Calgary, representative of vehicles in production in India or surrounding countries. In India and Thailand, CNG is considerably less expensive than gasoline or diesel. “According to published reports, India has one of the most rapidly-growing fleets of eco-friendly CNG vehicles in the world,” he said. “We believe that we are well positioned to participate in this exciting and quickly accelerating marketplace.”

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