Stockholm, Sweden – Delegates from Sweden’s automotive industry are attending the Advanced Automotive Battery & EC Capacitor Conference in Long Beach, California, seeking to expand the country’s development of “green” energy infrastructure for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Sweden’s auto industry includes brands such as Saab, Scania, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group, some 1,000 suppliers, and ABB, a global leader in power and automation technology. Invest In Sweden Agency (ISA) aims to attract greenfield investments or set up joint ventures with international battery suppliers to strengthen Sweden’s position as a premium region for car and commercial vehicle development.

ISA has carried out a pre-study of possible lithium-ion battery manufacturing and industry growth, and is now working with Swedish vehicle manufacturers, investors, universities, vehicle clusters and energy manufacturers to study a possible battery industry platform.

“This is a huge possibility to develop a region towards zero emission and connect this to Sweden’s target of achieving production of 100 per cent green energy,” said Lennart Haman, battery technology analyst and advisor to ISA.

Volvo Cars has teamed with Swedish energy giant Vattenfall to produce plug-in hybrid vehicles, with the first test fleet models already in use and a commercial launch set for 2012. The company is also working on other electrification projects that will require different types of batteries for advanced applications in future vehicles.

“The Swedish government wants to see a massive roll-out of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on European roads,” said Asa Torstensson, Minister for Communications. “Sweden has the right skills and experience to take lead of the development of plug-in hybrids. It is also extremely important to work towards a common standard for vehicle charging infrastructure across Europe.”

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