Toronto, Ontario – A new survey by global market research firm Synovate has found that many Canadians would buy a “green” car over a dream car, even if money was no object.

The survey found that while Canadians might have chosen an exotic sports car or large pickup as their “dream car” 10 years ago, or even named their own current car as a dream vehicle, more than 27 per cent of Canadians today would buy an environmentally-friendly car over a dream car, compared to 23 per cent of Americans and 59 per cent of global respondents.

However, 19 per cent of both Canadians and Americans said that their dream car is a green car. More Canadian women than men said their dream car is a green one, with 25 per cent women to 19 per cent men, a ratio that is consistent with American respondents, with 20 per cent women versus 17 per cent men choosing an environmentally-friendly car as a dream car.

Among those surveyed, 24 per cent of Canadians said they couldn’t live without a car, while 36 per cent said it makes life easier; 22 per cent like to drive fast, while 14 per cent “want a car that can turn heads.”

Globally, 15 per cent of respondents across 18 markets surveyed said they will buy a new car in the next 12 months, including eight per cent in Canada and nine per cent in the U.S. New-car purchase intenders were topped by India at 38 per cent, and Egypt at 24 per cent. A further six per cent globally said they will buy a used car in the next year, including seven per cent of Canadians and Americans.

Some 32 per cent of Canadian households own at least two cars, compared to 38 per cent of American households and 20 per cent of households globally, but two-thirds of Canadians feel there are too many cars on the road.

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