Guelph, Ontario – Ontario’s soybean growers are requesting clarification from the province’s Premier regarding his stance on biofuels and the province’s commitment to this alternative fuel.

“Six weeks ago, the Premier gave Ontario farm leaders verbal assurance that Ontario’s biofuels strategy is on track for a ten per cent ethanol mandate in all gasoline by 2010,” said Leo Guilbealt, chair of the Ontario Soybean Growers (OSG). “His government’s Low Carbon Fuel Strategy is poised to deliver an increase in biofuels volumes. We are seeking clarification from the Premier that he remains committed to the Ontario biofuels strategy, as we all work together for a healthy environment and robust economy in this province.”

Guilbealt said that “recent misleading media reports around food versus fuel issues may be contributing to confusion”, and said that income growth in emerging economies such as China and India is the key reason for rising world food prices.

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