Thornhill, Ontario – Members of CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) can now call for roadside assistance if their bicycle chain derails or their pedals come loose. The Bike Assist program, based on a benefit originally offered by the British Columbia Automobile Association, is similar to the company’s existing auto program.

“Our always-reliable roadside assistance is now available for cyclists,” said Henry Westenbrink, manager of ERS Operations. “For the first time in our history, CAA SCO will offer Bike Assist, the same kind of peace of mind Roadside Assistance offers drivers.”

The goal is to fix the bike on the spot. If that is impossible, the bike and driver can be transported up to 10 km with a Basic membership, up to 200 km with a Plus membership, and up to 320 km with a Premier membership. There is no extra charge for the service, which began on May 1, 2010 and which is available anywhere in CAA SCO territory.

CAA SCO will also introduce the Bike Squad this summer, a pilot project in the Greater Toronto Area. A team of four trained cyclists will be on call at charity and cycling events to help stranded motorists with flat tires, car lockouts or boost requirements. The Bike Squad will inflate (but not change or repair) tires, and will be equipped with small hand tools to help cyclists as well. The Bike Squad is free to members and non-members and will operate between May and September.

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